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P. 9

A single-level fi reproof container intended for
            the active storage of explosive and fl ammable

                                                                                     according to
                                                                                     EX ATEX

                                                                               OUR PROJECTS:

         The container is made in the fi re resistance
         class REI 120. The warehouse is equipped with an
         explosion-proof cooling and heating system
         that maintains the temperature at a level
         between 15-25°C throughout the year.
         The container is equipped with a technical stand with a
         worktop and an explosion-proof local exhaust. The container
         is equipped with a fi re alarm control unit and sensors for
         leakage of substances into the sump. The warning system
         detects a leak as soon as it comes into contact with the liquid
         and triggers an acoustic and visual alarm.                 ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT:

                                                                   LEAKAGE DETECTION SENSORS  AIR CONDITIONING

                                                                   HEATERS               TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY

                                                                   GAS DETECTION SYSTEM  GAS EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM   WE HAVE ACHIEVED IT!     FIRE RESISTANCE CLASS - REI240

                                                                   CHEMPROOF INSOLE      LOCAL EXHAUST

                                                                   FIRE PROTECTION PANEL  VENTILATION

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                  technology for storing fl ammable substances                                                        9
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